To improve the pet community -- to make them places where pets are healthy, safe, and cared for -- we work hard to build trustful relationships with pet providers, pet owners, and pet ambassadors.  We know we can not do it alone and our team is actively working to building trusted relationships with pet people and establish an ongoing presence with communities where our employees and customers live.  Working together paw-in-hand, we can make a positive impact on every pet and family in need of our care. 

Pet Community Programs

  • DCVR's Pet Safety Program: Educating children on how they can improve the lives of dogs and cats through simple acts of compassion and safety. Learn More
  • DCVR's Care Fund Program: Assisting families, neighbors, and friends, who meet certain criteria, receive emergency and/or specialty care for their pets. Learn More
  • DCVR's Pet Blood Donor Program: Recruiting healthy canines to donate blood to pets who require canine blood transfusions to save their lives. Learn More