Dogs and Cats Veterinary Referral (DCVR) was founded by Dr. Kathy Arrington and Dr. Luis Braz-Ruivo in 2003, originally providing specialized veterinary services in Cardiology and Internal Medicine. In 2004, the practice grew to include a board certified veterinary neurologist and general surgeon, and an emergency clinician. In 2006, DCVR became a teaching hospital, beginning with the creation of an internship program for new veterinarians seeking to expand their knowledge and further their training. The program is designed to prepare the motivated intern for residency training or high quality general practice. The doctors at DCVR have a passion for teaching, and are committed to graduating outstanding veterinarians from the internship program. Our first intern class was a class of one, and over the years has expanded to accept 4 interns each year.

In 2008, Dogs & Cats Veterinary Referral grew once more to meet the needs of the community, by keeping the hospital doors open for 24-hour walk-in emergencies. With the expansion of our emergency service also came the expansion of our hospital in 2009, to allow space for more staff, more doctors, and more patients. Shortly thereafter in 2010 we welcomed yet another specialist, a board certified veterinary radiologist, to our team, and added outpatient ultrasound and CT, as well as Fluoroscopy to the growing list of services that our hospital can provide. Collaboration between our neurology and radiology departments has also brought MRI to our hospital to round out the advanced imaging modalities available to our patients.

In 2016, Dr. Braz-Ruivo transitioned from practice owner to part-time Cardiologist at DCVR, and eventually retired from our practice. Dr. Anke Langenbach joined the DCVR team in 2016, partnering with Dr. Arrington, and continuing the practice’s vision for expansion and growth. Dr. Langenbach is a board-certified veterinary surgeon and sports medicine and rehabilitation specialist, who now accepts referrals and performs surgery in our hospital, helping us to offer our surgical services to our clients Monday-Friday. Since her arrival, we have added a board-certified medical oncologist to our team of specialists.

At present, Dogs and Cats Veterinary Referral & Emergency has grown to include 7 specialists, 8 emergency clinicians, and 4 interns. In an ever-growing desire to provide the best care possible, Drs. Arrington and Langenbach look forward to continued growth and expansion of our hospital in the coming years.