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Internal Medicine

The DCES internal medicine service is headed by Dr. Nicole Guma, Dr. Jennifer Harrison, and Dr. Jean Ferreri. Animal internal medicine is the specialty of veterinary medicine that focuses on the prevention, treatment, and management of diseases, disorders, birth defects, and degenerative conditions in pets. If you have been referred to us by another veterinarian, or if you believe your pet may be suffering from a disease or disorder, please make an appointment below.

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The goal of our team is to form a partnership with you and your primary care veterinarian to ensure that your pet is receiving the most comprehensive care. To help us achieve this, please ensure records are available prior to your appointment. During your consultation, your pet’s doctor will:

  • take a thorough medical history

  • review any medical records available

  • perform a physical examination

  • develop a treatment plan

  • discuss any recommended diagnostic and treatment options

  • provide an itemized estimate for your approval

  • provide you with a summary of your visit and communicate a follow-up plan with your primary vet

Visit Preparation


Our internal veterinarians work with other specialty departments at our facility to provide complete treatment for animals suffering from any disease, disorder, or birth defect. The treatments administered to your animal may include, but are not limited to, the following procedures:

  • Fluoroscopy: This is a safe, non-invasive, and pain-free form of diagnostic imaging that allows us to take real-time video x-ray of internal organs and structures. The continuous flow of x-rays gives us the ability to capture, monitor, replay, and manipulate a specific body part while it is in motion.

  • Endoscopy: A non-invasive procedure that uses specialized video cameras to evaluate areas within the body in a minimally invasive manner.

  • Cystoscopy: A technique to diagnose and help identify many issues of an animal’s urinary health.

  • CT: This enhanced x-ray imaging technique can help with the diagnosis of a variety of internal issues.

Contact Us

Request Appointment

To start the process of scheduling an appointment with Internal Medicine, please submit an appointment request form. Once the form is completed, you will receive a phone call or e-mail from one of our Customer Service Representatives to complete your request. If a team member does not follow-up within 48 hours of the request, please give us a call at (301) 809-8800 to confirm we received your submission.