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End of Life Services

What Can I Do To Prepare​

Knowing when the time is right can be a difficult choice. Your top concern should be about your pet’s quality of life, difficulties that come with old age, and the pain they may be suffering.​ To help you make the right decision, please visit our "Defining Quality of Life" resource page.​

Once determined, we recommend you decide how the pet's body will be cared for to help reduce the emotional stress at the time of the service. Aftercare options include burial, private cremation, or group cremation. 

What Should I Expect​

One of our veterinarians will provide an overview of the euthanasia procedure and answer any of your questions or concerns. Once you and the doctor have determined that this is the best choice, your pet will have a drug administered that results in deep sedation to help them remain calm and comfortable. During the time it takes to reach this state, you and your family may remain with your pet if you choose. ​

​Once your pet is asleep or completely relaxed, with your permission to proceed, your pet will receive their final injection. The entire procedure is a painless and peaceful process for your pet.

Aftercare Options

Before the end-of-life services are initiated, our medical team will discuss aftercare options for your beloved pet. Our hospital partners with Pet Memorial Services for both individual and communal cremation services. Both packages include a memorial clay paw print and a lock of fur.​

If your family chooses to have a family burial, we will provide a white complimentary casket.