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Dogs and Cats Emergency & Specialty

Radiology Services

The DCES radiology service is headed by Dr. Sarah Tibbs. Our radiology team performs and interprets a variety of imaging modalities, including digital radiography, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, CT, and MRI. Our board-certified radiologist collaborates with our team of doctors to offer clinical imaging with a focus on your pet. If your veterinarian has referred you to our hospital for imaging services, please contact us to determine the appropriate department to meet your needs.


  • X-Ray Machines: X-ray allows us to evaluate the body, including lungs and heart, abdominal organs and bones. Contrast radiography allows us to evaluate the intestinal tract and urinary tract.

  • Fluoroscopy: Like live action x-ray, this allows us to evaluate airway movement and swallowing. This technology is also integral in interventional radiology procedures.

  • Ultrasound: One of the most common test, at DCES this is performed by our radiologist to maximize potential, allow for immediate interpretation and to be able to perform guided sampling.

  • Computed tomography, (CT/CAT) : With our multi-slice CT we can rapidly evaluate in high detail all regions of the body. CT is often part of planning complex surgical cases.

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): The brain and spine are imaged with our VetMR, and with our radiologist and neurologist working as a team, complex conditions can be diagnosed and monitored.


Teleradiology is the transmission of diagnostic images and information, such as radiographs or MRI images from one veterinary facility to another for analysis. We commonly use this to share diagnostic information with our partner practices Your veterinarian can access our radiologist directly with Teleradiology. Images can be submitted from your veterinarian to the DCES imaging department for interpretation with results directly back to your veterinarian. This pathway makes our radiologist expertise available to your veterinarian Additional information can be obtained by calling and speaking to a member of our radiology team at (301) 809-8800.

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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Sarah Tibbs


Dr. Sarah Tibbs is a board-certified Radiologist. Dr. Sarah Tibbs has traveled extensively over her career beginning with The Royal Veterinary College in London England. She then completed a rotating internship at Veterinary Specialist of South Florida followed by a diagnostic imaging internship at Mississippi State University. Dr. Tibbs then completed a diagnostic imaging residency at the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010 and became a board-certified veterinary radiologist. She joined the Dogs and Cats Emergency & Specialty team in 2010 and played an integral part of making the radiology department what it is today through the use of our vast array of imaging modalities. Dr. Tibbs’ main interests are in computed tomography (CT) and ultrasonography, though she thoroughly enjoys magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and fluoroscopy.