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Support for human rights is a fundamental principle throughout our business practices and standards. While states have a duty to protect human rights, we believe companies have a responsibility to identify opportunities to create sustainable and tangible solutions to improve fairness, equity, and justice in today's society. As we continue to evolve and refine our efforts to speak up and step forward, it was essential for our hospital to permanently weave social justice into the fabric of our company. To do so, DCVR officially launched the Human Rights Program in September 2020 to take a firm stance against injustices and support equal justice for all by:

  • Investing in organizations, such as the Equal Justice Initiative, to challenge racial and economic injustice and to protect human rights for the most vulnerable people in American Society.

  • Committing to seek out partnerships with organizations and minority-owned businesses to support their mission and help strengthen the local economy.

  • Providing a list of educational and actionable resources on human rights issues for employees to learn how they can individually, as well as part of a community, take a stance against injustices.

  • Offering additional benefits, such as volunteer paid-time-off, to employees to participate in community activism that aligns with our values and uplift the communities we serve.